At Oros Risk Solutions, we believe in a proactive approach to managing health care risks to help lower costs.  We subscribe to the trusted adviser approach building long-term relationships.  Our goal is to offer you creative insurance solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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Jonathan I. Katz
CEO- Oros Risk Solutions, LLC

A Word from Our CEO…

Medical Malpractice and Related Insurance
Solutions For Healthcare Providers

Taken from ancient Greek, Oros – meaning “mountain” – represents the challenges and obstacles that exist in today’s healthcare market. Understanding those risks and utilizing expertise to surmount and overcome them is how Oros Risk Solutions can guide you, the healthcare provider, to a secure and stable future.

Our team of specialized professionals is available to work with you to overcome the challenges and obstacles you face in healthcare liability

Creative Solutions from Healthcare Liability Specialists

Oros Risk Solutions, LLC is a specialized insurance and consulting agency prioritizing in meeting the constantly shifting demands of Florida medical malpractice insurance and common liability risks of the healthcare industry. We provide creative insurance solutions with access to the most highly acclaimed carriers and a team of knowledgeable professionals offering personalized assistance. The challenges and obstacles of healthcare liability and medical malpractice insurance in Florida are impacted by an exhaustive amount of crucial and regularly changing variables, but our trained experts bring accessibility and guidance for confident results.

Comprehending Florida medical malpractice insurance and liability requires firsthand industry knowledge and consistently accurate assessments. Our clients enjoy a variety of convenient and beneficial products and resources.

Our services include:

  • Free Comprehensive Policy Evaluations
  • Risk v Cost Analysis
  • Access to Qualified Insurance Carriers
  • Low-Cost Premiums
  • Trusted Advisors with Vast Industry Experience
  • Custom Tailored Solutions
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Employee Education and Patient Safety Resources
  • Fee-Based Insurance Consultation
  • And More

Proactive Solutions Yield Affordable Results

We believe in taking a proactive approach to managing healthcare risk to help lower costs. All too often do healthcare providers opt for Florida medical malpractice insurance with conveniently low-cost premiums without careful consideration for long-term costs and imminent risks. At Oros Risk Solutions, LLC., we utilize designing group purchasing programs of Florida malpractice insurance and other healthcare liability carriers for networks of medical providers to consolidate and provide services at the lowest possible price point. Our clients gain access to affordable premiums without sacrificing the quality of liability protection.

Competent and Thorough Healthcare Consulting

Our clients are doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and surgeons in need of dependable, affordable, and comprehensive consultation. Fee-based insurance consultation provided by knowledgeable specialists allows for meaningful comparisons of Florida medical malpractice insurance providers. We review and evaluate your current insurance programs to ensure optimum risk financing and a thorough understanding of industry demands. Many programs and policies may seem beneficial at first glance, but closer inspection by a trained expert can reveal detrimental portions of costly risks. We design and implement risk solutions that are custom tailored to the needs of your individual practice.

Reliable Assistance from a Trusted Adviser

We subscribe to the trusted adviser approach to building long-term relationships. Unlike other insurance brokers and consulting firms that are sparsely available, checking in only once per year, we create open communication and full-time accessibility. Building long-term relationships with clients who appreciate our expertise and dedication mean developing a reliable level of trust and availability.

Confident Choices in Florida Medical Malpractice Insurance

Our company namesake is taken from ancient Greek, Oros – meaning “mountain” – to represent the ever-present challenge of negotiating through complex risk analysis and cost benefit of Florida malpractice insurance. Just as you need an expert climber to successfully guide you through a mountain, understanding the inherent risks of the healthcare industry requires utilizing skilled expertise. Call our toll-free number today or place a convenient online request to learn how Oros Risk Solutions can guide you, the healthcare provider, to a secure and stable future.

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