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Protecting sensitive data and information is an issue great importance for every healthcare provider in the current legal and regulatory environment. A breach of data can bring irreparable damage to a healthcare organization’s reputation and bottom line. Insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance and risk management programs to address privacy and network security risks and exposures faced by healthcare providers.

Policies typically provide coverage for liability and defense costs resulting from claims made due to a breach of privacy, including those tied to regulatory actions.

  • Third party coverage for theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable information
  • Unauthorized access, theft of or destruction of data resulting from computer security breaches
  • Failure to comply with insured’s own privacy policies
  • Electronic incidents (hacking)
  • Non-electronic events (lost laptops, paper files, etc.)
  • Contractual liability for data breaches (service provider contracts, privacy statements)
  • Civil regulatory actions (HIPAA, etc.) Including coverage for defense costs and civil penalties and fines.

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