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Directors & Officers liability policies provide coverage to the corporate entity, directors, officers, board members, committee members, volunteers, trustees and employees as a result of an alleged breach of duty. Allegations and lawsuits against healthcare organization directors and officers are typically brought by regulatory agencies, investors, silent partners, creditors, patients, and others. Common allegations against healthcare providers include:

  • Failure to perform their duty
  • Neglect of duty
  • Misconduct in connection with certain conflict-of-interest transactions
  • Restraint of trade/unfair trade practices
  • Failure to deliver services
  • Disclosure of materially false or misleading information
  • Mismanagement of operations or assets
  • Violation of state and federal laws

In modern America today, it would be not be advised for any individual to participate as an officer, board member or committee member of any company without confirming that an appropriate Directors & Officers policy is in place to provide a defense if sued. This is because your personal assets would be at risk. However, a significant amount of healthcare providers does not purchase a Directors & Officers policy as part of their insurance program.

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