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Managed Care Errors & Omissions Insurance

Managed Care Errors & Omissions Insurance protects the network or health plan from claims brought by regulators, patients or competitors. The policy provides coverage for acts, errors or omissions committed or allegedly committed by you or on your behalf in the performance of a managed care activity. Vicarious liability, antitrust coverage and privacy liability are commonly included. A managed care activity is typically defined to include any of the following services or activities:

  • Provider selection; utilization review; advertising, marketing, selling, or enrollment for health care or workers compensation plans; claim services; establishing health care provider networks;


  • Reviewing the quality of medical services or providing quality assurance; design and/or implementation of financial incentive plans; wellness or health promotion education;


  • Development or implementation of clinical guidelines, practice parameters or protocols; triage for payment of medical services; and services or activities performed in the administration or management of health care or workers’ compensation plans.

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