Ever-Changing Florida Medical Malpractice Insurance

November 8, 2016
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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The medical malpractice insurance market is constantly changing. Malpractice insurance companies buy other companies. Policy language changes. Coverage changes. Company financials change for better or worse. And your yearly premiums can change with it! It’s a complicated and ever-evolving market.

How do you know if you have the best solution available or if there are better alternatives? Do you have independent representation giving you a complete market analysis? Are you taking advice from a biased insurance company representing their best interests and not necessarily yours?

Independent representation is important and can help you navigate Florida medical malpractice insurance for no added cost. A market analysis will either provide you with a better solution, or give you peace of mind that you still have the best available in this ever-changing market.  Get in touch with Oros Risk Solutions today to learn more about our independent policy sourcing and honest agents who are dedicated to providing you with a policy that makes sense at the lowest cost.

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