Historians May See 2013 as ‘Cyber Tipping-Point’

September 14, 2013
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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Government agencies and business are finally realizing how severe of a threat cyber attacks really are. This could lead to a hopeful decline in the current spike of web based attacks. Attacks and threats against major internet databases have been on the rise for quite some time; still businesses are just now starting to take them seriously. Tactics like firewalls and virus protection are being used by organizations more and more as the technological age ceases to slow down.

It was once thought that small organizations had a lower threat of attacks, but this is no longer true. Cyber-criminals are targeting small businesses because they have less sophisticated security measures in place and in some cases, none at all. 2013 is expected to be the year when the amount of attacks slows down due to the increase in implemented security measures.

It is strongly suggested that organizations, especially web-based, have employees such as IT teams, risk management committees, and chief privacy officers to assist in technological challenges. Having a plan in place in case a cyber attack occurs could save your business. Cyber insurance, employees trained for data breach protocols, and stable security systems are recommended.

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