Medical Malpractice Insurance Jacksonville

If you’re involved in providing healthcare services in the Jacksonville area, knowing the importance of carrying medical malpractice insurance is imperative in order to ensure you have the proper coverage while not overpaying for it. Everyone should have proper coverage simply because even the most competent professional can make an error and should be protected against that possibility. Defending a Jacksonville medical malpractice lawsuit is often too expensive to even when the defendant wins. Since the cost of defense is usually high and loss can be so devastating, it is essential for every healthcare professional to have this insurance.

What the Insurance Covers

Medical malpractice insurance insures medical practitioners against claims of medical negligence. It also covers your conduct as a member of peer review panel. It protects you against a lawsuit claiming that the decision made by the insurer was inappropriate and causes a loss of income. Some policies also provide dollar amount available to the insured jacksonville medical malpractice insuranceif an attorney is needed to defend against peer review proceedings.

Who is Covered?

This insurance covers individuals (yourself), your employees and your entity (corporation, partnership, Limited Liability Corporation)


All insurance policies contain exclusion detailing conducts that are not covered. Typically, this insurance excludes alterations of records, sexual exploitations, and illegal conduct.

Oros risk solution is now providing medical malpractice insurance in Jacksonville, FL. The company has a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to work with you to overcome the challenges and obstacles you face in healthcare liability to help you lower costs.

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