Where is Your Loyalty?

April 29, 2016
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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We often hear from potential new clients that they are loyal to their current insurance agent or medical malpractice insurance company. So loyal, that they would never consider making a change. Loyalty is a great quality and we love the idea of potentially working with someone that could be a loyal client of ours. Unfortunately, sometimes this loyalty can get in the way of making good business decisions.

I believe your loyalty should be to your own medical practice and not to any one insurance agent or medical malpractice insurance company. If there is a better solution out there, I believe the loyalty to your medical practice should drive you to explore that option. If you’re loyal to your insurance company or insurance agent, then that is great! If you see a solution that appears to be better than what you currently have, you can show your current agent that other solution and give them the opportunity to review it.

We often see potential new clients with inferior insurance policies, or greatly overpaying for quality medical malpractice insurance. Unfortunately, it’s their loyalty that prevents them from the potential of finding something better.

  • Are loyalties sometimes misplaced in business?
  • Would you still feel loyal if you realized that what you thought was the best solution actually was not?

When it comes to running a successful medical practice, we believe it is good business to shop around now and then to ensure your medical malpractice insurance is still the top solution in this ever changing industry. Most good agents will do this for you every year at renewal. But if your current agent is not showing you other options, you should consider letting someone else show you. Loyalty in business is a great quality, but it should be to your own medical practice first.

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