Medical Malpractice Insurance Misconceptions

August 29, 2017
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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Biggest Misconceptions about the Medical Insurance Industry

There have been myths surrounding the medical insurance industry. They have to be a form of impedimenta hampering the development of the health care reforms injected into the health care system. Oros risk solutions will be highlighting some of this misconceptions or rather what can be termed myths, about the medical insurance industry. 

Health Care Cost Will Reduce If We Invest More in Prevention

Prevention of health ailments is widely believed to be financial assisting. It is also known to help the evasion of one’s health from plunging into a precarious state. Contrary to the former, some preventive value costs are more expensive. Some preventive care such as childhood immunizations (flu and pneumonia vaccines for infants; toddlers to be precise) and adult immunization and colonoscopy screening for men age 50-64 are pocket-friendly.

One major reason why preventive care does not save money is that some best-known measures do not improve someone’s health. Some cancer screenings including ovarian cancer, testicular and prostate cancer via PSA tests exert no health effect; it doesn’t have any health benefit. This does not prove to be cost effective suggesting that money could be beneficial spent elsewhere.

Health Insurance Is Needed Because Health Care Is Expensive

This is a misconception people are wrongly holding to for a long time now. We don’t need health care insurance because health care is expensive but because it is risky. We face a risk of becoming ill and the then the necessity to pay medical care bills and insurance is an assuring way to cover for all these risks.    

These bills are footed using the premiums paid by these insurers to the medical insuring company. This is possible as there are healthy insured people receiving benefits that are lower than their premiums. The average premium is therefore used to foot the bills of the other insured people that are receiving beneficiary above their premium.

Medical insurance is imperative, beneficiary as they help enrollees to pay unprecedented health costs as well as paying for any further health care that may arise. Medical insurance enrollees should not panic when the case to pay a medical care bill comes up as there will be no rise in premium. Insurance only minimizes the financial risk involved with health care cost.

Employers Should Take Care of the Rising Health Care Cost for Their Employees

The misconception that employees are paid their benefits from the reservoir of profits of the employers has led to the concept that employers should pay the cost of providing a health care insurance to the employee. Truth is the employers have paid for the employee’s health insurance that they get through their employer irrespective of who issues the premium to the insurance company.

No matter what the profit margin a company is, the employee’s benefits are paid out of the worker’s wages.

It is important that you eschew any misconception bordering on policies on medical insurance when looking forward to securing a medical insurance. This is imperative as policy and terms are adjusted to suit the people. When purchasing health insurance, it is important that you secure one with its policies in tandem with your healthcare needs and financial strength.

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