Why Medical Malpractice Insurance?

September 27, 2017
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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Reasons Your Practice Needs Medical Malpractice Insurance

All healthcare facilities need this form of insurance policy no matter the type (big or small) of healthcare facility it is. At any point of the career of a medical practitioner, patients are likely to file a lawsuit against the healthcare provider. Rationales behind this lawsuit may include misdiagnosis, mistreatment, wrong drug prescription, and poor medical advice.

In a nutshell, medical malpractice insurance is insurance for health care practitioners that insures against medical negligence. Defending a legal charge can be bank breaking and the prosecutor and add salt to the injury. Your facility may lack the capacity to put up with the charges or pack of charges.

Medical malpractice insurance offers and guarantees you financial assistance and protection during this topsy-turvy period to defend claims laid against you in the court of law. Furthermore, medical malpractice insurance provides lots benefits to the insurer. Oros Risk Solutions, LLC is an insurance and consulting agency will elucidate on this insightful benefits.

Protection against Damages and Legal Costs

Lawsuits alleging medical malpractice are usually filed at trial courts where a judge presides over the case. Fees for court judgment or settlement are mostly paid by insurance companies on behalf of the insurer. If a healthcare practitioner is found guilty of making a medical negligence against the prosecutor, the judge might decide to award a settlement north of the premium of the insured medical practitioner.

The insurance company may have it in their knowledge that the case will be against them or they can get to convince the judge to see that no malpractice took place. An insurance company has it in their power to turn down settlements offers.

If the case goes to trial and the court awards a settlement above the premium of the accused, let us say the premium is $2 million and the settlement is $2.5 million, the insurance company will pay $2 million leaving the medical expert to provide the remaining figures. An insurance company will rely on the expertise of an in-house attorney to handle a medical practitioner case.

During a court proceeding over medical malpractice, medical witnesses are to be provided by the medical expert. The insurance company provides a medical witness or witnesses to give testimonies that will favor the doctor. They give opinions and elucidation on the process passed through that brought about the charge. The witness knows that his service is being paid for and execute his/her job with finesse.   

Fiscal Responsibility

There are tons of medical facilities in town available for people to go to be offered their desired services. Having medical malpractice insurance will make you stand out from this horde of medical care system. Patients are guaranteed that they are covered if an anomaly occurs in the course of treatment.

With the benefits seen, you can make a move today to get insured and covered.

Choose Us for Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Florida

Oros Risk Solutions as your well-known insurance consultant that is known to provide the best Insurance for Hospitals in Florida and nearby communities. Our Florida Malpractice Insurance coverage offers you all the needed protection if you are charged for a patient for medical malpractice. We will ensure that you do not bear all the expenses involved alone.

In our aim to consistently protect your practice if you are charged by a patient for medical malpractice, our professional malpractice insurance Florida brokers will shop all available sources of insurance in the Florida and offer you the best Florida Malpractice Insurance coverage. We are always ready to offer you complete financial support to pursue your medical malpractice lawsuit.

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Whether you are an established healthcare provider or just starting your first practice, and you need the appropriate Florida Medical Malpractice Insurance coverage. Oros Risk Solutions, LLC will assist you to combined medical malpractice liabilities.

At Oros Risk Solutions, LLC, We have an experienced team to help you understand the risks associated with healthcare systems. We will offer you services that will assure you of a secure future on your expertise. Call today for a free quote!

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