Common Misconceptions about Workers Compensation Insurance

November 27, 2017
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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Florida Workers Compensation Insurance 

As small businesses are saddled with the legal duty of providing their employees with workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical costs and wage replacement costs for workers who get sick on the job, there have been some speculations flying around about workers’ compensation insurance. Oros Risk Solutions, your trusted Florida Workers Compensation Insurance provider, takes a look at some of the most common misconceptions about workers compensation insurance.

  • The employer will handle the claim

In a situation where the employer is involved in an accident at a workplace, the onus to file a claim for compensation doesn’t lie on the employer. It is the legal responsibility of the victim of this accident to file for compensation on the injury caused by the accident at the workplace to an insurance company.

  • The employee has the legal right to sue the employee

This misconception is wholly untrue. Every benefit an employee is entitled to after a claim will be honored. Due to this, there is no need to file a lawsuit against an employee unless the employee denies the employee the benefits of the claim.

  • An employer can sack an employee for filing a workers compensation claim

Furthermore, some individuals are of the opinion that their employer can sack them if they file workers compensations claims. On the contrary, this is not true. Filling a workers compensations claims is the right of an employee who feels aggrieved after being abandoned by the employer on sustaining a workplace injury. An employer cannot because of vendetta fire an employee for demanding his/her legal entitlement.

  • Workers compensation insurance covers workers’ injuries outside the place of work

This claim is fictitious and misleading. Workers’ compensation insurance only covers injuries gotten by an employee while performing a required obligation at the place of work. Eligibility and authenticity of the claim are examined meticulously as well.

  • Independent contractors are not covered by workers compensation insurance

As long as these part-time workers are on the company’s payroll, they are undeniably entitled to the benefits workers’ compensation insurance has. Laws operating in different jurisdictions may prohibit employers from providing workers’ compensation insurance to independent contractors while some allow the coverage for these part-time workers. Independent contractors should endeavor to find out the policy of this coverage within their jurisdiction.

  • I am not entitled to workers compensation benefits because the accident was my fault

This financial coverage is not based on whose fault it is as long as it happens within a workplace. It is established on the perception that no employee would deliberately engage in any antic that would put his life in jeopardy. No matter whose fault it is, your medical cost coverage would be taken care of and compensations also unless the accident is willfully done.

  • Small businesses don’t need workers’ compensation insurance

This is largely a myth as businesses whether large, medium or small are entitled to having a workers compensation insurance as long as they have employees on their payroll.

It is pertinent to understand the policies of the workers’ compensation insurance to protect yourself and that of your business (if you’re a business owner). It is safe to consult your insurance agent who can help you with recommendations for this coverage.

Shopping for workers compensation insurance in Florida? Oros Risk Solutions is a trusted provider of Florida Workers Compensation Insurance coverage. We are known to offer highly affordable Florida Workers Compensation Insurance plans. Get in touch with us today to know more about our insurance plans. With us, your business and your employees are well protected in the event of any workplace injury.

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