“How much do IT breaches cost the healthcare industry annually?”

August 30, 2014
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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In 2013, the healthcare industry was responsible for almost half of all major data breaches.  Not counting the recent breach of 4.5 million medical records from Community Health Systems, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has tracked 944 incidents that have affected about 30.1 million people in 2013.

These breaches cost the industry roughly $5.6 billion each year. Even knowing this, only 69% of organizations have a data breach plan in place.

Not only is it important to have a breach plan in place it is even more important to know the correct contacts to connect with when something does happen. Hospitals are often attacked due to the large amount of employee “layers”.  It can often be difficult to pinpoint breaches with so many hands in the system.

To learn more about how to reduce data breaches please visit: http://www.healthcaredive.com/news/how-much-do-it-breaches-cost-the-healthcare-industry-annually/299924/