Medical Malpractice Insurance: Should you use an agent or purchase direct?

December 2, 2015
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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Medical malpractice insurance costs the same whether you purchase directly from the insurance company or use an agent. Commissions are built into insurance premiums. Whoever you purchase your medical malpractice insurance policy from will keep the commissions for their work. Some insurance companies can only be accessed by going through an agent while some allow you the option of purchasing direct.

We always suggest using a medical malpractice insurance agent. The cost is the same, but you get a lot more added value when using an agent:

  • An malpractice insurance agent represents your best interests, whereas if you go direct through the insurance company they represent their company’s best interest.
  • An malpractice insurance agent has access to several different insurance companies which allows them to get you multiple quotes and provide you with unbiased consultation at no added cost.
  • An malpractice insurance agent can help you with a specialized comparison of all of your options.

When you’re working directly with the insurance company they can only talk to you about the benefits of their specific company which can make the information biased. The only time it makes sense to purchase directly from the insurance company is if they are your best solution and your only option is to purchase direct because they don’t have a medical malpractice insurance agent in your state. In this scenario, you should still contact an agent to see what options they can bring to the table and compare it with the other company you are considering. If you end up choosing the company that you must be direct with, at least you will know this was the best solution available and it will be an educated decision instead of something you were ‘sold’ on.

Since the cost is the same, we believe it is best to work with an agent so you have someone representing your best interesting in this ever-changing industry. Medical malpractice insurance in Orlando might be one of the most important business decisions you make. Because of the complexities of medical malpractice insurance, we recommend working with a specialized medical insurance policy agent.

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