Florida Healthcare Regulatory Policy

Billing & Coding Defense

Medical Regulatory policies provide reimbursement to physicians and other healthcare providers for their legal expenses when they are involved in disciplinary proceedings. This includes defense costs and civil fines and penalties coverage for regulatory issues such as:

  • Billing & Coding Audits
  • Medicare/Medicaid Proceedings
  • Privileges Hearings
  • Stark Law violations
  • HIPAA Violations

There are independent contractors working on behalf of the federal government conducting billing and coding audits on healthcare providers throughout the United States. These audits are yielding a significant amount of money for both the independent contractors (who get a percent of monies recovered) and the government. Whistleblowers who report health care providers also stand to collect a percentage of monies collected. This is appropriate when fraud and abuse actually occurred. However, what if no fraud and abuse occurred? The independent contractors have a clear advantage in money and resources available to pursue their goals. Most healthcare providers, on the other hand, are at a significant disadvantage in how much money and time they are able and willing to devote to defend themselves. Having a Regulatory policy that could potentially reimburse for defense costs and civil fines and penalties can help level the playing field for healthcare providers.

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