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Oros Risk Solutions is a specialized insurance and consulting agency focused on the healthcare industry. Service to our clients and integrity in our business dealings are our two most important values. Our highly skilled professionals are exclusively dedicated to constructing solutions for healthcare providers. Vast industry experience and standing relationships give us access to the best insurance carriers in the business. In a volatile industry marked by past crises and an ever-changing list of available insurers, we use our expertise to structure an insuring relationship that offers you the optimum balance of risk transfer, cost, and long-term stability. Our goal is to offer you creative insurance solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

At Oros Risk Solutions, we believe in a proactive approach to managing healthcare risk to help lower costs. We help you foster improvement over time with education and utilization of the risk management and patient safety resources provided by the insurer. Our consulting services include alternative risk financing to help sophisticated clients assume risk and gain the potential to lower long-term costs. Fee based insurance consulting services are available for sophisticated providers and third parties (such as practice management firms or venture capital firms) regarding medical professional liability and related business exposure of the clients they work with. And, we have the capability to offer additional business insurance products you may need.

“World class service… from trusted advisers”

We subscribe to the trusted adviser approach building long-term relationships with clients who appreciate our expertise and service. The commission dollars built into insurance products remain the same whether you receive our world-class service, or simply an insurance transaction. When you choose Oros Risk Solutions, you choose world-class service from trusted advisers who offer long-term value and help lower costs.

We have pioneered designing group purchasing programs of insurance for networks of medical providers (networks, IPA’s, etc.) to aggregate and buy together at a lower price point. We work with you to improve quality and results over time to insure these programs last long-term.

Just as you need an expert climber to successfully guide you through a mountain, our team of specialized professionals is available to work with you to overcome the challenges and obstacles you face in healthcare liability. Whether the challenge is transferring risk, assuming risk, or managing risk, our team will be right there with you. Our process includes learning about your current circumstances and needs, educating you on the results of our evaluation including potential solutions, and implementing a mutually agreed upon solution. We believe all clients deserve regular communication, proactive notice of cost changes, prompt return of inquiries, and general appreciation for the opportunity to serve you.

When appropriate, we customize service plans to a client’s specific needs which include elements such as market studies evaluating costs, insurer comparisons, annual education sessions, claims reviews, coverage analysis, and targeted risk management programs. The success in achieving our mission of delivering the very best insurance and risk solutions through our expertise and passion for service will be realized through our dynamic team of professionals available to serve you.

What We Do

As specialists, we keep up with the rapid change in healthcare liability to bring you creative solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Taken from ancient Greek, Oros – meaning “mountain” – represents the challenges and obstacles that exist in today’s healthcare market. Understanding those risks and utilizing expertise to surmount and overcome them is how Oros Risk Solutions can guide you, the healthcare provider, to a secure and stable future.

We are dedicated to delivering the very best insurance and risk solutions through our expertise and passion for service. Our company provides insurance brokerage and consulting services exclusively to healthcare providers. The broad portfolio of products and services represented by Oros Risk Solutions offers you one-stop shopping for your insurance needs. This can produce savings in time and money, as well as ensure continuity of coverage.

We look forward to meeting with you to learn about your organization, goals, needs, and concerns. Our best relationships and results are achieved when we become part of your team working along with you to improve and move your organization forward. The common feedback we receive from our clients as to how we differentiate and bring them long-term value can be summarized by the following:


  • Specialized expertise helps reduce risks and improve costs
  • Access to the best insurers offers more choices and unbiased advice
  • World class service systems ensures expectations are met or exceeded
  • Trusted advisors focused on your needs leads to the best solutions
  • Self-insurance design can help lower the long-term cost to transfer risk


Please call 1-866-596-3859 and speak to one of our knowledgeable specialists at your earliest convenience.

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