What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

December 4, 2017
OROS Risk Solutions, LLC
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Why You Need Workers Compensation Insurance Florida

Every job has its own risk. Injuries can occur on the job. A work can slip or fall at the office. Factory workers can sustain injuries from heavy machines. In fact, an accident can occur while on official assignments. Florida Workers Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance coverage which helps to protect employees who develop a work-related illness or become injured while on the job.

Workers compensation insurance remains one of the most important insurance coverage for business organizations having an employee workforce, no matter how small. Physical abuse, possible exposure to hazardous biological and chemical substances are also some of the risk factors that Workers compensation insurance tend to protect employees against.

If you are yet to have a Florida Workers Compensation Insurance coverage, this post is for you. Oros Risk Solutions, your trusted provider of Workers Compensation Insurance Florida, brings you some of the reasons why you need workers compensation insurance.

Benefits of Florida Workers Compensation Insurance

Some of the benefits of workers compensation insurance include:

It Shows How Much You Care About Your Employees

Providing each and every one of your employees the adequate workers compensation insurance in Florida shows how much you care about them. As a business owner, you are letting them know that they mean a lot to you and you appreciate their services. This gives them the needed reassurance that in the event of any workplace injury or accident, they are well covered.

The workers compensation insurance will cover all their medical expenses and any other financial expenses needed to get their life back. This will serve as an incentive for them to recover quickly and resume back to work. However, if they die in the process, the workers compensation insurance coverage will be paid to their family members.

It Offers Adequate Protection for Your Business

Furthermore, workers compensation insurance serves as a form of mutual benefit for both employees and the business owner. If an employee becomes sick or injured on the job, the employee can decide to sue your business. As we know, lawsuits often cost businesses a lot of money, most especially, when the outcome is not in your favor.

However, by providing a Florida workers compensation insurance coverage, your employee has no right to sue you any longer. This will save you and your venture a huge sum of money and misery in the future. Thus, you will be able to avoid the expensive cost of defending a lawsuit of making settlements, which may make you bankrupt.

It is Usually Compulsory by Law

In most states, the law makes it an obligation for every business to have workers compensation insurance before they can be allowed to carry out business activities. What this means is that is the law necessitates every employer to provide workers compensation insurance to their employees. Not doing so will only put you on the wrong side of the law which might bring about some penalties.

It Bolters Safer and Secure Business Practices

Lastly, workers compensation insurance coverage helps in promoting safer and more secure business practices. In fact, a lot of workers compensation programs offer certain rewards to companies by offering the discounts for having a low occurrence of claims. This will serve as an encouragement for businesses to improve working conditions which will help prevent workplace accidents and injuries. For keeping all your employees safe and healthy, workers compensation insurance provides huge incentive, thus, bolstering safer and secure business practices

There you have it! The above are some of the benefits of having an adequate Florida workers compensation insurance coverage. Not only will your employee be protected and well catered for, the workers compensation insurance will also offer your business a platform to operate effectively.

Shopping for workers compensation insurance in Florida? Oros Risk Solutions remains one of the most reliable Florida Workers Compensation Insurance Companies known to offer highly affordable Florida Workers Compensation Insurance. Contact us today to know more about our insurance plans. Be rest assured that your employees are well protected.

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